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Your Nav-Data headset is stereo headset with independent earcup volume controls. The rotary knob on the earcup without the microphone boom is a volume control with an on/off detent to control stereo/mono functions 

Mono operation:
When operating your headset in a mono radio system or audio panel, the rotary knob on the earcup without the mic boom must be switched counterclockwise to the off postion which allows the volume control on the earcup with the mic boom to control the volume in both earcups. (Important: If the stereo knob is left in the on position in a mono system, the right earcup will not fuction).

Stereo operation:
When operating your headset in a stereo radio system or audio panel, the rotary knob on the earcup without the mic boom will need to be switched clockwise to the on position and then each earcup volume can be controlled independently.

Microphone boom tension adjustment: 

The microphone boom tension is set at the factory and generally will not require adjustment. If adjustment is desired, the attach nut inside the earcup can be easily accessed by lightly pulling aside the foam at the bottom of the earcup and turning the attach nut with your fingers. Make small adjustments and check tesion each time. When adjustment is complete push the foam back in place. It is not necessary to remove the gel earseal

Headband adjustment:

Headband size is adjusted by the use of knurled knobs on each side of the headband. Move the earcups up or down until desired fit is achieved, then be sure to tighten the knobs. Periodically check the knurled knobs for security to keep the headset fitting properly and to not lose any components. 
We set an average headband width at the factory, however you may choose to loosen or tighten the headband by grasping both sides just below the head pad with thumbs on the head pad and make slight bending adjustments until you reach the desired fit.  


Mute knob: Controls squelch

On/Vol knob: Controls power and volume.

Toggle switch on intercom: All four positions on intercom.

Toggle switch on pilot: Pilot and copilot on intercom, radio communication disabled. (Used mainly for instruction to prevent hot mic situation).

Toggle switch on radio: Pilot and copilot positions on intercom and both pilot and copilot positions are able to transmit on radio.

In jack: Used for music input. Note: Music input is not automatically silenced during ATC communications so care should be exercised to keep input volumes low or off in congested airspace.

Out jack: Used to record transmissions.

Important: Plug intercom into pilot position so pilot position push to talk is operative. If necessary you can test in another position and use the intercom's built in push to talk or portable switch. Be sure to test operation in your system before flight.


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